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Black Bart, The Search is Over


By Wiley Joiner and Robert Jernigan

“Throw Down The Box!” was a command often heard throughout the west. Those words and a pointed twelve-gauge shotgun were reason enough to follow the command.

The bandits were often brazen and even cowardly as they made sure they had the drop on their victims. The language used by those highwaymen was horrifying to the female passengers. They were brutal in their demands and if they were not followed as ordered, chances were, someone was going to get hurt.

There were many scarred memories for those who served in the Civil War. The generals were the heroes, as the lesser of the officers and men were forgotten. One former soldier was yet to make his mark on history, not as a soldier, but as the most famous stagecoach robber the world had ever seen.

He was not famous for the vast treasure he took, he was famous for the way he went about his robbery and the escape from the scene of his crime and for the number of times he did it.

He was a man of unusual connivance in that he was credited with robbing Wells Fargo treasure boxes twenty-eight times in eight and a half years before he was finally brought to trial. Even then he outplayed the law agents in that he was charged with only one crime.

Here is the story of why Black Bart left San Francisco, where he went and what he did there. The story concludes with where he is buried.