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Black Bart's Resting Place: In Everlasting Sleep


By Wiley Joiner, with Robert E. Jernigan

Researchers reveal documented proof of Black Bart's whereabouts after his release from prison, including his burial place.This work clarifies and expands the author's previous work, Black Bart, The Search is Over.  

"I found Black Bart’s Resting Place, in Everlasting Sleep, to be intriguing as Mr. Joiner brings together the many pieces of the puzzle of Black Bart’s infamous life. Wiley repeatedly validates the countless sources of information assuring the reader that all information is factual. With the many alias’ that Black Bart used and his cunning methods of stopping a stagecoach and then disappearing into the landscape without a trace must have been challenging to say the least. Black Bart has become a real and likeable person for a stagecoach robber! Thank you, Wiley."             -Glenna Quintanal, RN (Ret)