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Canyon Wind


By Major Mitchell

 She was nearing the fork in the road when she heard a quick buzz and the sickening sound of a bullet striking flesh. It was immediately followed by the roar of a rifle as her horse collapsed under her. Katherine found herself being propelled through th e air and everything went blank as she crashed into the hard-pack ground.”

Katherine Parker had been losing cattle and she wanted it stopped, but the fight had become personal the day she hired Phillip Denning. Now, Pox wanted more than her cattle. He wanted Katherine and her sons dead.

“An exciting adventure set in 1880’s South Dakota. Cowboys, Indians and bad guys!” - The Dallas Review

Strict western values embrace the Code of the West in this enthralling tale of justice gone awry. Mitchell brings to life main characters we care deeply about. A must read!”  - Melody Groves, author of ' Kansas Bleeds, Book Four of the Colton Family Saga'.

“I enjoyed an exhilarating ride through the pages of Major Mitchell’s Canyon Wind. This new western is faithful to the moral realities of the frontier.”  - Chris Enns, author/historian