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The Church That Stopped the Tide


By Carolyn Stayton

The tsunami was coming, and the entire village was in its path, but the elderly couple was too old and weak to flee like everyone else. Instead, they chose to take refuge in the only place they could think of. It was the same place they went every Sunday to worship. But the tiny church was also in the wave’s mighty path. Was kneeling at an altar in prayer enough for God to save them?

Based on a true story, written by Carolyn Stayton and beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Layton, THE CHURCH THAT STOPPED THE TIDE is a perfect story to teach young readers the important lesson of faith and trusting in God when things get scary.

“I love this story. This is a great book with a greater message. I can’t wait to get a copy for our great grandchildren.”  -Major Mitchell, author of Charlie Shepherd

“This is more than a children's story.  It is a true and real story about forces and ideas greater than ourselves. It shows that all things are not explainable.  The illustrations support the story wonderfully with their "wavy" texture and pulls all the books elements together.”  -Jennifer Kuhns, Author of Paisley or Plaid...being your very best you!

“Eloquently written, The Church That Stopped the Tide is a book that addresses realistic fears that children of all ages, including adults, can relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it compelling, with a positive message. A great discussion starter for families to build upon with their children.”  - Jessica Niacaris, Early Childhood Director

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