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Cool Water Justice: Clay Best Book 4


By Major Mitchell and Jerry Mitchell

The American cowboy lived by a code of honor, where a handshake was your bond and you worked as hard as you could, regardless of what you were being paid. To break your word would make you a liar and a scoundrel. James Westfall, Curley Hammond and Carlos Mendoza were lower than scoundrels. When they shot Sheriff Ray King in the back Clay Best decided to put a stop to it. After all, Ray had been his friend for a long time, and Clay had his own code of honor.

“Another fast-moving, exciting story by Major & Jerry Mitchell. They tell it as it was in the small town of Cool Water, Texas. The mayhem had to end and former marshal Clay Best takes it upon himself to stop it. Irresistibly exciting and immensely readable.

-Wiley Joiner, author of California’s Golden Glory Days

 “The story of Clay Best continues with a brilliant cast of characters. A life and death struggle to keep the family and friends safe amid a drought-baked Texas plain and bloodthirsty outlaws. An excellent read!”

-Elena Carpenter, author of Trinity