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The Crimson Betrayal


By Sean Gall

Drakiya is still as dangerous as it was when Seth and Necro first stepped foot in it. With Dr. Silver finally dead, Seth’s and Necro’s work should be complete…or is it? New threats have arisen as new groups show themselves. The Four Fathers now have their eyes on Seth and his group known as the Twisted Angels. An annual event is about to take place known as The Playground and the Twisted Angels are invited. Will this group survive? No matter what happens they will rise up, but the question still lies…What are Seth and Necro really after?

Twisted Angels offered mystery, suspense, action, and more to their readers. The Crimson Betrayal continues to offer this, but leaves the reader wanting more.

I loved Twisted Angels and could not wait to get the chance to read Twisted Angels: The Crimson Betrayal. From page 1 Mr. Gall had me. With every page I couldn't put this book down. I love when we get to step into the Playground. The way Sean put a new "adult" twist to classic children games, with a total of 4 different games ..... With each round I felt more and more like I was sitting ringside in person watching, feeling.... Very well done. I Can't wait to see where Sean takes Twisted Angels next!

Brandie, Prescott Arizona, USA

Not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Violence, language and gang activity.