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Dusty Boots

by Major Mitchell & Jerry Mitchell

All formats $2.99, Kindle $2.99

Bill Mayfield had talked his younger brother, Rob, into selling the family farm after their mother died with a promise they would leave Texas. He said they were going to New Orleans and enjoy the good life. He failed to mention that their trip involved a detour to a place called Cool Water, where he planned to collect a large sum of money he felt he had been cheated out of…even if he had to take it at gun-point. It was a journey they might not survive.


Joker's Play

by Major Mitchell & Jerry Mitchell       

All formats  $3.99     Kindle   $2.99   

Clay Best was sick of being a low-paid, over-worked lawman. He wanted a small spread somewhere where he could raise a few head of cattle. Instead, he found himself involved in chasing bank robbers and trying to rescue a beautiful hostage.




by Major Mitchell

All formats$ 3.99   Kindle $2.99

Matthew Blue is known as Manhunter by the Comanche. He has been hired to track a serial killer in rural Kansas, only to discover a different killer is following him. His nemesis has sworn to see Matthew dead, even if it means leaving a trail of dead bodies to see it done.


The Doña

By Major Mitchell

All formats $3.99  Kindle $2.99

She came to California as a young bride in an arranged marriage. Now she owns seventy-five square miles of property bordering the Mokelumne River where gold has been discovered. They want her land and will stop at nothing, even if it means her murder. 

“Mitchell’s research of the customs and traditions of the mining towns and the ranchos gives The Doña authenticity.” -The Modesto Bee

“A terrific novel, one I could not put down.” -KAZV – TV, Channel 14

“A good book written by a good writer.” -Rex Fraser – Barnes & Noble


Mokelumne Gold

By Major Mitchell

All formats $3.99  Kindle $2.99 

Leonida Garcia has been beaten, robbed, widowed, and seen enough trouble in her young life to last ten lifetimes. Now she wants nothing more than to live peaceably on her rancho. But when someone murders Ambrose Brice, she encourages retired ranger and friend Josiah Russell to find the killer. The trail he finds leads him to her best friend’s door. While she worries about her friend Alice, and seeks to find a way of clearing her name, something even darker and more evil lurks in the shadows. If left alone, it will not only steal her land but take her very life.

GOOD STORY! All told, (Major Mitchell has) spun a good yarn. This is a story that needs to be told to show the skullduggery concerning the old land grants in California, and (Major) did it well.”  -John Duncklee



Canyon Wind

By Major Mitchell

All formats $3.99 Kindle $2.99 

Katherine Parker had been losing cattle and she wanted it stopped, but the fight had become personal the day she hired Phillip Denning. Now, Pox wanted more than her cattle. He wanted Katherine and her sons dead.

 “Strict western values embrace the Code of the West in this enthralling tale of justice gone awry. Mitchell brings to life main characters we care deeply about. A must read!” -Melody Groves, author of KANSAS BLEEDS, BOOK FOUR OF THE COLTON FAMILY SAGA SERIES

 “I enjoyed an exhilarating ride through the pages of Major Mitchell’s Canyon Wind. This new western is faithful to the moral realities of the frontier.” -Chris Enns, author/historian

Poverty Flat

By Major Mitchell

All formats $3.99 Kindle  $2.99 

Chris came to California to forget about the war. What he found was a pregnant woman and her nine year-old son abandoned on a place called Poverty Flat. When he offered to find her missing husband, people started shooting at him. Mary Ellen Shafer was more trouble than he had bargained for, but he couldn't just ride off and leave her. Worst of all, she was a Yankee, and he hadn't forgotten what they had done to his beloved South.

"Written with a flowing pace and steady eye to the hero's voice and point of view. A pleasant read." - Janet Bly

"Written with Major's humorous western style... I especially enjoyed the ending!" -Vanessa Jackson


Where a Good Wind Blows

By Phil Mills, Jr.

All formats $6.99 Kindle$6.99

John Meadows has been forced off his Wyoming ranch, shot and left for dead by gunmen working for Harold Winston. Jake Summers of the Box T discovers John just barely alive, and sets in motion an undercover plan to win back the Meadows Ranch. Things become complicated by the sudden return of Sarah Meadows, the old man’s daughter, who has her own plans of discovering the truth and securing justice.

Trepidation Trail

By Gary Crawford

All formats$4.99 Kindle $4.99

When Clay Anderson signed on as a scout for Asa Clark’s wagon train, it was partly because Asa was his father’s friend, and partly to be near Asa’s beautiful daughter, Lucetta. Now, he was fast learning why the Oregon Trail was also known as the trepidation trail.

“Rustlers, horse thieves, war parties, and just plain no-good scoundrels, Trepidation Trail is a western designed to entertain the avid western fan.”– Major Mitchell, author of MOKELUMNE GOLD

Sons of the Dawn

By Hank Nuwer

All formats $4.99 Kindle $4.99

Anton and Nicky Ibarra flee the Basque country of Spain to serve as apprentices on an Idaho sheep ranch. They quickly run up against a cunning, ruthless cattle baron named Faro Sinclair, who thinks nothing of slaughtering herders and stock on the range land.

"Expertly researched with the stunning detail that marks the vast body of nonfiction for which Nuwer is known, this is a richly rewarding, old-fashioned historical novel, one that with artistry and skill is made topical." - Gary Eller, author of THIN ICE AND OTHER RISKS

"The Basques' lives weren't easy in either the Old World or the new, but Nuwer's compelling novel leavens those hard facts with flashes of humor from his well-drawn characters. Anton and Nicky, along with a herder named Tubal, who very nearly steals the show, are wonderful company on this fast-paced ride." -Owen Florio, author of MONTANA

Desperado Moon

By S. M. Keller

All formats $3.99  Kindle $6.99

In this modern day western, a young girl finds healing for her emotional wounds as she works with an equally wounded horse. A great novel for young adults.

There is a lot of talk about PTSD these days, and it affects animals as well. the young girl and her horse work through their issues together as the learn to trust again.

Hailey's Dream

By Jennifer Kuhns

All formats $3.99 Kindle $3.99

Hailey is a little girl in a wheelchair who wishes she could run and jump like her friends. She is in a wheelchair because she was born too early. Her brain didn't have enough time to grow all of the way, so the part that told her legs how to walk didn't work. Sometimes Hailey thinks she wants to be someone else "not" in a wheelchair. But does she really?

"I love how she can float out of her window in a dream, and I love the dogfish." - Josephine, preschool

"I love this book because Hailey learned that she's not missing out!" - Zach, 4th grade

"I like how Hailey likes to be something else and try new things, but likes to be her old self too." - Erica 2nd grade


¿ Naciste en esa silla? (Were You born in that Chair, Spanish Version)

By Jennifer Kuhns

All formats  $3.99 Kindle $3.99

Hailey is starting her first day at a new school where no one thinks they have ever had a disabled student before. Hailey is not only the new girl, but she is a girl in a wheelchair. She is a girl with strength, attitude and a great sense of humor who helps her teacher and her fellow classmates understand what a disability is.

“This story draws us in from the start with its humor and excellent example of the power of narrative to deepen our understanding...” -  Dr. Keith Nainby, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, California State University, Stanislaus

I read WERE  YOU BORN IN THAT CHAIR? to my fourth grade students (and) was amazed they were engaged in listening to the entire story! The story is intuitive and insightful.”  - Marianne R. Gartenlaub, Fourth Grade Teacher

The Church that Stopped the tide

By Carolyn Stayton

All formats  $3.99 Kindle $3.99

The tsunami was coming, and the entire village was in its path, but the elderly couple was too old and weak to flee like everyone else. Instead, they chose to take refuge in the only place they could think of. It was the same place they went every Sunday to worship. But the tiny church was also in the wave’s mighty path. Was kneeling at an altar in prayer enough for God to save them?

Based on a true story, written by Carolyn Stayton and beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Layton, THE CHURCH THAT STOPPED THE TIDE is a perfect story to teach young readers the important lesson of faith and trusting in God when things get scary.

I love this story. This is a great book with a greater message. I can’t wait to get a copy for our great grandchildren.”  -Major Mitchell, author of CHARLIE SHEPHERD



By Heather Vargas

All formats $5.99   Kindle $5.99

One summer evening changed their lives forever.

If you’ve ever asked, why bad things happen or, where is God when you are facing tragedy, then Bloom is a must read. Heather Vargas gives an honest look at life with authenticity as she travels the road of grief. Bloom will grab at your heart, but you will find yourself laughing amidst tears at her irreverent, fearless tone in addressing complex issues. In the end, Bloom offers hope to all for a better tomorrow.

 “Bloom” is the most honest, vulnerable, personal account of a mother’s grieving heart that I have ever read. One cannot help but feel a powerful bond with the Vargas family as their story of shattered bliss unfolds and begins to resolve. I have no doubt that God will mightily use “Bloom” in his providence for those who seek to pick up the pieces after the death of a cherished child.” - Sandi Cantrell, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


By Elena Carpenter

All formats  $3.99 Kindle $3.99

The small town of Ketra sits wrapped in rolling hills.  It is a place where legends have been told for generations,the most popular being that of two clans, the Corzos and the Ogres.

They say the clans were led by cousins, who were obedient to the laws of Trinity, which kept all realms and dimensions in peace and harmony with the immortal and mortal worlds. That is, until the cousins began feuding over a mortal woman, and the clans split. Now, the clans are led by their sons, but the feud continues in a bitter and bloody conflict.



By Elena Carpenter

All formats $3.99 Kindle $3.99

The battle between Lenzo and Ozar continues. The forces of evil are spreading like a disease, and must be stopped. Ozar and his Clan travel to Mt. Sera, a dormant volcano, to release the Dark Souls, known as The Daggers.

But another dark power looms in the shadows. Jezeba, the evil witch also wants to rule, and will stop at nothing to gain more power from the dark souls. The blood in her veins comes from both the Nephilim and Kraun blood, royal in the truest sense.



By Frank Angulo

All formats $4.99 Kindle $4.99

Sarah broke the silence with each step as her boots crunched in the sand. She was alone in the desert and the heat was so intense it nearly evaporated the synthetic fluids in her joints. The desert sun showed no mercy for man, machine or cyborg for that matter. Death was the price of this war. No one was immune, and death was not prejudiced against human or machine. It was inevitable, but she didn’t want to become another statistic. She needed a way to cheat death one more day.

SKINS - A tale of a husband and wife caught in a futuristic war between good and evil, where loyalty and honor can cost you your life.

Scooter, the Cow Dog

By Phil Mill, Jr.

  Kindle $4.99

Ten-year-old Katie Collins doesn't like to listen to her parents and do her chores.  Neither does her pet dog, Fifi. So when her parents decided to send her to her grandparents' ranch, she wasn't happy. But when Katie continues to disobey, it's a good thing that they have Scooter, the Cow Dog, on their side. 

Anthologies of the People in a Small Town

By Teresa Dempewolf

All formats $3.99 Kindle $3.99

In vignettes of a small town in Oregon, Anthologies Of The People In A Small Town acquaints the reader with the people and the secrets they carry, as it follows them through 13 years of joy, sorrow and the various ups and downs of the human experience. We find ourselves in a world where your past can really come back to haunt you.

 "A fast-paced visit to Albany where the residents seem normal like you and me. But we soon realize everyone has their own secrets ... some of them deadly. A good novel by Teresa Spies Dempewolf.”

Major Mitchell, author of Poverty Flat


Black Bart,

the Search is Over

By Wiley Joiner

All formats $4.99  Kindle $4.99

Here is the story of why Black Bart left San Francisco, where he went and what he did there. The story concludes with where he is  buried.

“Throw Down The Box!was a command often heard throughout the west. Those words and a pointed twelve-gauge shotgun were reason enough to follow the command.

There were many scarred memories for those who served in the Civil War. The generals were the heroes, as the lesser of the officers and men were forgotten. One former soldier was yet to make his mark on history, not as a soldier, but as the most famous stagecoach robber the world had ever seen.



The Broken Pledge

By Hank Nuwer

All formats $1.99 Kindle $1.99

Acknowledgements: This play was first acted by Hank Nuwer as an Anne Frank fellow at Buffalo State College. Special thanks to my publisher Major Mitchell and to hazing activist Gregory Danielson for allowing his photo of his own close call at a University of North Carolina initiation to be used.  And special thanks to the parents of hazing and alcohol victims Chuck Stenzel, Harrison Kowiak, Joe Bisanz, Scott Krueger and Nick Haben whose experiences went into this play.  

California Ranger

By Gary Crawford

All formats $4.99 Kindle $4.99

Seth Gentry is a California Ranger who is sent by the Governor to maintain law and order in the gold mining area near Nevada City. He finds bad guys, good guys, and even a beautiful Chinese Madame. But can he find the miners who have come up missing?

Where the Green Grass Grows

By Major Mitchell

All formats  $3.99 Kindle $2.99

Matthew Blue wanted to stay home, raise horses and be a good husband and father. When a runaway slave living with the Comanche is accused of kidnapping the Hancock baby, he is once again called on to become Manhunter.

"..a no-holds-barred action Western of the highest caliber...This is a Western, a Mystery, and a Suspense novel all rolled into one.

" D.B. Jackson - author of They Rode Good Horses 


Serenity, the Final Conflict

By Elena Carpenter

  All formats $3.99 Kindle $3.99 

Jezeba, the evil witch, teams up with Ozar for a battle against Lenzo’s army and allies. Her army, the cloned Neprauns, is now ready. Only each one has in mind to rule the mortal and immortal worlds.

Jared remains a captive of Jezeba, now she wants Lenzo’s pets, the Wekluws, to use against Lenzo and Lizzy to gain control of the powerful serum Lizzy has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Meanwhile, there’s another legend found to be true. Is there a connection

An exciting read for any fantasy fan.


The Valley of Decision

By Major Mitchell

 All formats n/a  Kindle $3.99 

A faith-based inspirational novel.

inspirational, faith-based story based on love of country, family and friends, along with the importance of knowing God’s enduring love, brings Cynthia Quentero full circle. As she seeks to find meaning in her life, the reader is carried along on a journey to rediscover something never truly lost.

"Major Mitchell has done a great job of relating an inspirational story important to us all.” — Phil Mills, Jr., author of Where a Good Wind Blows

     Even  Broken-Winged Divas Can Fly

                  By Jennifer Kuhns

         All formats $3.99 Kindle $3.99 

Jennifer Kuhns describes her world as a quadriplegic, and her determination to do anything she chooses to do, in spite of her physical limitations. Among other accomplishments, Jennifer has a Masters degree and has published 9 books which she has written. This book is a continuation of her autobiography begun in her book, LITTLE DIVA ON WHEELS.

"This book, Even Broken-Winged Divas Can Fly, is inspirational and allows people to see the upside to all life’s troubles. The author, Jennifer Kuhns, shares how wanting to live life and have life experiences, being part of something, compelled her to find a way to make it so. She shows how she was even able to do things healthy-bodied people cannot do." ---Debbi Mitchell, RN