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$15.95 - Book 1 of the Judgment of the Flaming Sword Trilogy   (also available as an Ebook)

By Elena Carpenter

The small town of Ketra sits wrapped in rolling hills.  It is a place where legends have been told for generations,the most popular being that of two clans, the Corzos and the Ogres.

They say the clans were led by cousins, who were obedient to the laws of Trinity, which kept all realms and dimensions in peace and harmony with the immortal and mortal worlds. That is, until the cousins began feuding over a mortal woman, and the clans split. Now, the clans are led by their sons, but the feud continues in a bitter and bloody conflict.


$15.95 - Book 2 of the Judgment of the Flaming Sword Trilogy   (also available as an Ebook)

By Elena Carpenter

The battle between Lenzo and Ozar continues. The forces of evil are spreading like a disease, and must be stopped. Ozar and his Clan travel to Mt. Sera, a dormant volcano, to release the Dark Souls, known as The Daggers.

But another dark power looms in the shadows. Jezeba, the evil witch also wants to rule, and will stop at nothing to gain more power from the dark souls. The blood in her veins comes from both the Nephilim and Kraun blood, royal in the truest sense.

Lenzo and his army, with the help of two more allies, Eora and Horizon, prepare for battle to protect the human race and fight against evil.

Lizzy is given a new task in her life, and a fight for survival.

An exciting read for any fantasy fan.

Serenity, the Last Conflict

$14.95 - Book 3 of the Judgment of the Flaming Sword Trilogy (also available as an Ebook)

Jezeba, the evil witch, teams up with Ozar for a battle against Lenzo’s army and allies. Her army, the cloned Neprauns, is now ready. Only each one has in mind to rule the mortal and immortal worlds.

Jared remains a captive of Jezeba, now she wants Lenzo’s pets, the Wekluws, to use against Lenzo and Lizzy to gain control of the powerful serum Lizzy has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Meanwhile, there’s another legend found to be true. Is there a connection?

An exciting read for any fantasy fan.




$12.95 (also available as in Ebook)

By Frank Flores

Sarah broke the silence with each step as her boots crunched in the sand. She was alone in the desert and the heat was so intense it nearly evaporated the synthetic fluids in her joints. The desert sun showed no mercy for man, machine or cyborg for that matter. Death was the price of this war. No one was immune, and death was not prejudiced against human or machine. It was inevitable, but she didn’t want to become another statistic. She needed a way to cheat death one more day.

SKINS - A tale of a husband and wife caught in a futuristic war between good and evil, where loyalty and honor can cost you your life.

Twisted Angels


By Sean Gall

The city of Drakiya is as dangerous as it is mysterious. Even stranger are its inhabitants. Vixens with candy-colored lips, clowns with knives, and four princesses who seem harmless. Two teenage boys, Seth and Necro, came to Drakiya searching for something. Attracting danger from every corner, they follow their own instincts to find what they are after. The question in everyone’s mind is, what are Seth and Necro really looking for?

"From page one, you delve into a world of extreme violence and emotion. The reader is taken on a journey of questions and puzzles that captivate his mind. You will find yourself searching for answers with the turn of each page."-.Seth Cummins

"I got a copy of your book yesterday and just wanted to say that it is absolutely brilliant. I started reading it at 4pm and could not put it down until I finished it at midnight. I have to say it is one of the best books I have ever read and I was totally captivated by it from the first page until the last."- Trevor Jacobs, from Morton, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

  Not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Violence, language and gang activity.

The Crimson Betrayal


By Sean Gall

Drakiya is still as dangerous as it was when Seth and Necro first stepped foot in it. With Dr. Silver finally dead, Seth’s and Necro’s work should be complete…or is it? New threats have arisen as new groups show themselves. The Four Fathers now have their eyes on Seth and his group known as the Twisted Angels. An annual event is about to take place known as The Playground and the Twisted Angels are invited. Will this group survive? No matter what happens they will rise up, but the question still lies…What are Seth and Necro really after?

Twisted Angels offered mystery, suspense, action, and more to their readers. The Crimson Betrayal continues to offer this, but leaves the reader wanting more.

"I loved Twisted Angels and could not wait to get the chance to read Twisted Angels: The Crimson Betrayal. From page 1 Mr. Gall had me. With every page I couldn't put this book down. I love when we get to step into the Playground. The way Sean put a new "adult" twist to classic children games, with a total of 4 different games ..... With each round I felt more and more like I was sitting ringside in person watching, feeling.... Very well done. I Can't wait to see where Sean takes Twisted Angels next!" -Brandie, Prescott Arizona, USA

Not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Violence, language and gang activity.

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