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California's Golden Glory Days


By Wiley Joiner

152 pages with 63 photographs make California’s Golden Glory Days a brisk journey through the Golden State’s sorted history. You’ll pay a visit to the gold-rush towns (some still exist) and meet the citizens as they really were. California’s Golden Glory Days is an important, as well as enjoyable book that will make a welcome addition to any library or coffee table.  

“Just when you think you’ve read all about California, Wiley Joiner adds another book to the growing list of State History. The early days were wild and wicked, and stories within this book as presented by Wiley, are authentic and realistic. Another great book by this author.” 

Darrell R. Sturdevant, YNCS E-8, Senior Chief, United States Navy (Ret)

“Wiley Joiner has done it again. He has favored us with another fine book about California, giving facts and surprising situations about the state from the earliest times to modern days. It’s factual, lively and entertaining as history should be. I’m looking forward to collecting all of Wiley’s books.”

Robert E. Jernigan, Historian-Collector