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Hailey's Dream


By Jennifer Kuhns

Hailey is a little girl in a wheelchair who wishes she could run and jump like her friends. She is in a wheelchair because she was born too early. Her brain didn't have enough time to grow all of the way, so the part that told her legs how to walk didn't work. Sometimes Hailey thinks she wants to be someone else "not" in a wheelchair. But does she really?

"I was fascinated in how she was wanting to be out of a wheelchair, but when she saw all the stuff she missed being in a wheelchair." - Haidyn, 4th grade

I love how she can float out of her window in a dream, and I love the dogfish." - Josephine, preschool

"I love this book because Hailey learned that she's not missing out!" - Zach, 4th grade

"I like how Hailey likes to be something else and try new things, but likes to be her old self too." - Erica 2nd grade

"I really enjoyed the lesson Hailey learned. I think she learned that being in a wheelchair is actually a lot more fun than you would think." - Audra, 4th grade.


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