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Black Bart, The Search is Over

$21.95   (also available as an Eb00k)

By Wiley Joiner and Robert Jernigan

Here is the story of why Black Bart left San Francisco, where he went and what he did there. The story concludes with where he is  buried.

“Throw Down The Box!” was a command often heard throughout the west. Those words and a pointed twelve-gauge shotgun were reason enough to follow the command.

There were many scarred memories for those who served in the Civil War. The generals were the heroes, as the lesser of the officers and men were forgotten. One former soldier was yet to make his mark on history, not as a soldier, but as the most famous stagecoach robber the world had ever seen.

He was not famous for the vast treasure he took, he was famous for the way he went about his robbery and the escape from the scene of his crime and for the number of times he did it.

He was a man of unusual connivance in that he was credited with robbing Wells Fargo treasure boxes twenty-eight times in eight and a half years before he was finally brought to trial. Even then he outplayed the law agents in that he was charged with only one crime.

Companion Book to Black Bart, the Search is Over


A work of continuing research By Wiley Joiner

Companion Books are not common for non-fiction publication. They are to correct a mistake in the original book and/or to give a better explanation of events, places and things. Since the publication of “Black Bart, the Search is Over” in August 2015, questions have arisen as to where and how the authors obtained certain information. This companion book is the opportunity to answer such questions and to integrate newly discovered history. The authors therefore offer this work as answers and corrections and a portion of new history.   

California's Golden Glory Days


By Wiley Joiner

152 pages with 63 photographs make California’s Golden Glory Days a brisk journey through the Golden State’s sorted history. You’ll pay a visit to the gold-rush towns (some still exist) and meet the citizens as they really were. California’s Golden Glory Days is an important, as well as enjoyable book that will make a welcome addition to any library or coffee table.  

“Just when you think you’ve read all about California, Wiley Joiner adds another book to the growing list of State History. The early days were wild and wicked, and stories within this book as presented by Wiley, are authentic and realistic. Another great book by this author.” - Darrell R. Sturdevant, YNCS E-8, Senior Chief, United States Navy (Ret)

“Wiley Joiner has done it again. He has favored us with another fine book about California, giving facts and surprising situations about the state from the earliest times to modern days. It’s factual, lively and entertaining as history should be. I’m looking forward to collecting all of Wiley’s books.” - Robert E. Jernigan, Historian-Collector


Oakdale, California


By Wiley Joiner

What was Oakdale, CA really like in its beginning? You might be surprised at what you discover about the Cowboy Capital of the World, and the people, past and present, who live there.

“A wonderful look back in time at Oakdale’s roots and some of the special people who have lived here. I read cover to cover in one sitting, and learned so much about this special little city I call home. " - Michelle Kendig – Oakdale Leader

"Oakdale – The name itself invokes lively images of beauty. Its motto, Cowboy Capital of the World, explains its community action and excitement. The story of its founding reflects sacrifice and the pertinacious spirit of free enterprise. The photos are reflective of the old and the new, revealing much about the progress of the town. This book is a collection of historical facts and interesting reading. " - Robert E. Jernigan – Historian, collector

“Wiley Joiner has written a great little book filled with facts and humor that taught me a lot about our town. Three tips of the Stetson. I love this book!” - Major Mitchell – author of THE DOÑA and MOKELUMNE GOLD

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