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Joker's Play

$13.95 - Book Two of the Dusty Boots series

By Major Mitchell

Clay circled the small clearing, stopping every few feet and listening for any tell-tale sound or movement in the brush. Nothing. The air seemed to be void of movement and hung thick, as sweat trickled from under his hat to sting his eyes. He eased past a greasewood bush near Teresa and found himself staring down the barrel of a .44.

Clay Best was sick of being a low-paid, over-worked lawman. He wanted a small spread somewhere where he could raise a few head of cattle. Instead, he found himself involved in chasing bank robbers and trying to rescue a beautiful hostage.

“Non-stop action in a Texas setting described so well you can feel the heat. Major and Jerry Mitchell bring this novel about Clay Best alive. There is so much happening you don’t want to put the book down…a real page turner.” Phil Mills, Jr., author of  “Where A Good Wind Blows.”

“A very good and entertaining tale of the old west from beginning to the end.” The Dallas Review