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One Last Ride

$9.99 (list $14.95)

By Steve Haak


        As the three horses raced from the bank, a mother and her young daughter froze in the middle of the street, watching the horses and riders running straight at them.

        Allen leaned out of his saddle, grabbed the young girl by her waist and drew her up beside him. His horse continued barreling down the street, raising a small dust storm in its wake.

        The girl’s mother was left screaming in the middle of the street as dust slowly covered her hair and clothes.

        “Don’t shoot!” someone yelled, “He grabbed Margie Ann!”

        U.S Marshal Josh Stone was being forced into either sitting at a desk job in the Denver headquarters office, or retiring. Riding the open desert and ridding the land of murderers, cutthroats and thieves, was all he knew. He was trying to decide which option was worse when a telegram from Claval arrived, saying Jack Allen had robbed the bank at Covered Wells and kidnapped a thirteen-year-old girl. The girl was found dead. The telegram ordered Stone to track Allen down and bring him to justice. A welcome chance for One Last Ride.

        “One Last Ride is a fast-paced, page-turning yarn about the men who were instrumental in bringing law and order to the American west. A must read for the western fan.”

Major Mitchell, author of Manhunter.