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Looking for Lola/Taco


A Flip Book By Jennifer Kuhns

  Lola was a rescue dog waiting to be adopted. She was a sweet little adventurous dog who loved to explore. But Lola wished she had a forever home. One day her wish came true, and Lola was adopted and went home to live peacefully with a lady named Auntie Kay and her husband, Pete ... or so they thought.

All Taco, a chubby little guinea pig, ever did was sleep and eat taco shells and tortilla chips. But that changed when he became a kindergarten classroom's new pet. While studying about food and good nutrition, the kindergarten children realized that Taco needed to eat better food, food for guinea pigs, not people junk food. After being exposed to new and different foods, Taco slowly becomes healthier, happier, and even, well ... he thinks ... handsome.