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$14.95 - Book One of the Manhunter series

By Major Mitchell

Matthew Blue is known as Manhunter by the Comanche. He has been hired to track a serial killer in rural Kansas, only to discover a different killer is following him. His nemesis has sworn to see Matthew dead, even if it means leaving a trail of dead bodies to see it done.

“A riveting tale of justice in the old west.” Dallas Review

“Manhunter is an enigma. In the business of bringing in fugitives, he is also a caring man with a conscience. When it comes to suspense, nobody writes it as well as Major Mitchell.” Pat Decker Nipper, author of Love On The Lewis And Clark Trail

“A vivid story of a half white, half Indian bounty hunter trying to bring in a young killer, while dealing with the contrast of cultures. Well written.” Tom Alberti, author of The Horseman series.

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Major Mitchell continues to pull me in to his "Old West" world with well created characters and a suspenseful time line of western suspense. This novel has created a new hero who deserves to live on into other stories and adventures. Cannot wait to see where Major takes this character and continues to keep this storyline evolving. Great read.