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Little Diva on Wheels


Little Diva on Wheels---Growing Up Differently-Abled

  An Autobiography By Jennifer Kuhns

Being born ten weeks early literally put a hitch in her get-along. Weighing in at only three pounds twelve ounces, then being diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic, who knew Jennifer could live in an able bodied world as, what she calls differently-abled, with any kind of success. Here she shares the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of doing exactly that, making a place for herself in the world of non-believers and nay-sayers, with the help and support from family and friends.

"Jennifer Kuhns’ Little Diva On Wheels gives us insight into the life journey of a "handicapped” child and her family. Funny and engaging, Jennifer gives us a peak into and forgives us our bumbling, awkward, and occasional rude behavior towards people different than ourselves. The Articles, Reviews, and Reflections section challenges us to reflect on the treatment of disabled people through the ages." -Karen Holcomb, RNC

"Excellent!! I laughed, and cried and learned so much! What a unique experience getting inside the mind and heart of someone who has been labeled, judged and written off as so much less than she is! I will be recommending this book to every human being I know. Thank you for your amazing personality and vulnerability that has allowed us, the readers, to gain such insight to what is true and real in the world of 'disabilities.'"- Tene’ Sylvia, RN and mother of Gabriel-“differently-abled.”


$15.95   (also available as an Ebook)

By Heather Vargas

One summer evening changed their lives forever.

If you’ve ever asked, why bad things happen or, where is God when you are facing tragedy, then Bloom is a must read. Heather Vargas gives an honest look at life with authenticity as she travels the road of grief. Bloom will grab at your heart, but you will find yourself laughing amidst tears at her irreverent, fearless tone in addressing complex issues. In the end, Bloom offers hope to all for a better tomorrow.

 “Bloom” is the most honest, vulnerable, personal account of a mother’s grieving heart that I have ever read. One cannot help but feel a powerful bond with the Vargas family as their story of shattered bliss unfolds and begins to resolve. I have no doubt that God will mightily use “Bloom” in his providence for those who seek to pick up the pieces after the death of a cherished child.” - Sandi Cantrell, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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