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Paisley or Plaid

$15.95 Soft Cover Edition

By Jennifer Kuhns

Paisley or Plaid…being your very best you,is a collection of seven stories and five poems for children visiting the topics of respect, manners, acceptance, sharing, bulling, dedication, trust and family to name a few.  With any luck, these stories and poems will bring about an awareness of life lessons.


Grandma Sadie and the Respectometer was my favorite story. After my mom read it, I want to get my own Respectometer. I would like to get a Respectometer for my brother when he is naughty. --- Marissa Keene, age five

My daughter and I loved reading Paisley or Plaid… being your very best you. The variety of stories and poems were appropriate for my young daughter at the age of five and also great for my ten year old son. The stories were creative and thoughtful, and always with a lesson to be learned. I loved the poems and how they were placed throughout the book. The illustrations were adorable and very relatable. My daughter has enjoyed other books written by Jennifer Kuhns such as Hailey’s Dream. --- Janice Keene, Preschool Teacher and mom of two.


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