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Showdown at Sutter Creek


 Book Two of the California Ranger Series

By Gary Crawford

"Wow, I thought I was fast," Ranger Hatfield said. He watched the grim captain holster his gun. "Think he's dead?"

There wasn't time to not kill him," Seth said.

Buck Henry was bigger and stronger than any man in Sutter Creek, with a mean streak a mile wide and a mile deep. He was used to getting his way, even if it meant killing those who stood in his way. It didn't set well with him when Captain Seth Gentry of the California Rangers rode into town, and Buck swore he would kill the ranger if it was the last thing he ever did. Ranger Gentry on the other hand, was proving to be a difficult kill.

"A fast-paced yarn with a surprise in every chapter. A book to please western fans everywhere."- Major Mitchell, author of Cool Water Justice.