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Sons of the Dawn

$9.99 (list $15.95)

By Hank Nuwer

Anton and Nicky Ibarra flee the Basque country of Spain to serve as apprentices on an Idaho sheep ranch. They quickly run up against a cunning, ruthless cattle baron named Faro Sinclair, who thinks nothing of slaughtering herders and stock on the range land.

"Sons of the Dawn is a page-turner, and author Hank Nuwer is to be thanked for enlightening our sense of the West with this memorable novel." - Gerald Haslam, author of "Okies and Hawk Flights, Visions of the West."

"Expertly researched with the stunning detail that marks the vast body of nonfiction for which Nuwer is known, this is a richly rewarding, old-fashioned historical novel, one that with artistry and skill is made topical." - Gary Eller, author of "Thin Ice and Other Risks"

"The Basques' lives weren't easy in either the Old World or the new, but Nuwer's compelling novel leavens those hard facts with flashes of humor from his well-drawn characters. Anton and Nicky, along with a herder named Tubal, who very nearly steals the show, are wonderful company on this fast-paced ride." Owen Florio, author of "Montana"