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Trepidation Trail - Soft Cover Edition

$17.95 - Soft Cover Edition

By Gary Crawford

I be need’n that horse. You step down easy like.”
“I told you he’s not for sale,” Clay said tersely.
“I ain’t buying, I’m taking,” the man said.
“What’s your name mister?” Clay asked.
“What you need to know that fer?”
“Well, if you are to be a horse thief you can be shot or hung. It’s only fit’n that I know your name to notify your next of kin,” Clay said.

When Clay Anderson signed on as a scout for Asa Clark’s wagon train, it was partly because Asa was his father’s friend, and partly to be near Asa’s beautiful daughter, Lucetta. Now, he was fast learning why the Oregon Trail was also known as the trepidation trail.

“Rustlers, horse thieves, war parties, and just plain no-good scoundrels, Trepidation Trail is a western designed to entertain the avid western fan.”
– Major Mitchell, author of Mokelumne Gold