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$14.95  ebook $3.99

By Major Mitchell

Spur Award finalist, Major Mitchell, has created a new contemporary hero in the person of Chase McGraw. Chase is a divorced junk-food junky and an ex-police detective turned private investigator, who lives on a ranch with his dog named Buster.
He’s on a quest to locate a missing young woman who disappeared mysteriously on her way home from college. The baffling case not only challenges his skills, but brings about a much needed change in perspective for his life.

The Valley of Decision

$14.95   E-book for $3.49

A Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist

The bullet to her spine didn’t break her…the wound to her heart was another matter.Cynthia was determined to get out of the wheelchair, but coming home to the ranch after serving in Afghanistan was almost surreal and she didn’t quite know how to handle it. Then an old crush began to show interest in her, and hope for a future sprang to life. But what did God really want her to do?A faith-based romance by Major Mitchell

murder at heartbreak ranch

By S. M. Arthur


Kindle e-book $2.99

Mona found her husband dead and now they are accusing her of murder.
With their girls in college, Mona Morgan and her husband, Brian, moved back to Hawk, Colorado to manage the thirty-five-hundred acre family ranch. Things seemed to be going well until she found Brian dead in one of the fields. The coroner said it was a heart attack, but people do like to talk, and now the whole town is accusing her of murder.

Cattle, Cards, Barbed Wire & Gold


By Wiley Joiner


Cattle, Cards, Barbed Wire & Gold is an interesting collection of fictional short stories from the pen of historian Wiley Joiner. Several of the stories are based on actual and real events. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in your favorite chair and enjoy a trip into the wild west.  

Showdown at Sutter Creek


 Book Two of the California Ranger Series

By Gary Crawford

"Wow, I thought I was fast," Ranger Hatfield said. He watched the grim captain holster his gun. "Think he's dead?"

There wasn't time to not kill him," Seth said.

Buck Henry was bigger and stronger than any man in Sutter Creek, with a mean streak a mile wide and a mile deep. He was used to getting his way, even if it meant killing those who stood in his way. It didn't set well with him when Captain Seth Gentry of the California Rangers rode into town, and Buck swore he would kill the ranger if it was the last thing he ever did. Ranger Gentry on the other hand, was proving to be a difficult kill.

"A fast-paced yarn with a surprise in every chapter. A book to please western fans everywhere."- Major Mitchell, author of Cool Water Justice.



The Doña

$15.95 -   Book One of the Doña series   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell

She bolted toward the center of the room only to freeze again. There was a second man she hadn’t seen standing in the shadows who slowly pulled a large knife from his belt as she backed toward the wall.  “Fiesty little bitch, ain’t you?” He took a cautious step toward her as she slid along the wall feeling for something to fight with. “This is gonna hurt real bad.” Leonida let out an ear-splitting scream as he raised the knife.

She came to California as a young bride in an arranged marriage. Now she owns seventy-five square miles of property bordering the Mokelumne River where gold has been discovered. They want her land and will stop at nothing, even if it means her murder. 

“Mitchell’s research of the customs and traditions of the mining towns and the ranchos gives The Doña authenticity.” -The Modesto Bee

“A terrific novel, one I could not put down.” -KAZV – TV, Channel 14

“A good book written by a good writer.” -Rex Fraser – Barnes & Noble


Mokelumne Gold

$15.95 - Book Two of The Doña series   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell

 "It's empty," she said, staring into the open grave.

     "It certainly is. We've been waiting for you, because it's your funeral."

     "No!" she screamed as he pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

Leonida Garcia has been beaten, robbed, widowed, and seen enough trouble in her young life to last ten lifetimes. Now she wants nothing more than to live peaceably on her rancho. But when someone murders Ambrose Brice, she encourages retired ranger and friend Josiah Russell to find the killer. The trail he finds leads him to her best friend’s door. While she worries about her friend Alice, and seeks to find a way of clearing her name, something even darker and more evil lurks in the shadows. If left alone, it will not only steal her land but take her very life.

GOOD STORY! All told, (Major Mitchell has) spun a good yarn. This is a story that needs to be told to show the skullduggery concerning the old land grants in California, and (Major) did it well.”  -John Duncklee

“A story of love and murder. A complex plot involving the proud Doña Leonida and (a) scoundrel attorney who will stop at nothing to steal the vein of gold running through her property.”  -Katrina Prado

“A very good and entertaining tale of the old west from beginning to the end.” -The Dallas Review


$14.95 - Book One of the Manhunter series   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell

Matthew Blue is known as Manhunter by the Comanche. He has been hired to track a serial killer in rural Kansas, only to discover a different killer is following him. His nemesis has sworn to see Matthew dead, even if it means leaving a trail of dead bodies to see it done.

“A riveting tale of justice in the old west.” -Dallas Review

“Manhunter is an enigma. In the business of bringing in fugitives, he is also a caring man with a conscience. When it comes to suspense, nobody writes it as well as Major Mitchell.” -Pat Decker Nipper, author of Love On The Lewis And Clark Trail

“A vivid story of a half white, half Indian bounty hunter trying to bring in a young killer, while dealing with the contrast of cultures. Well written.” -Tom Alberti, author of The Horseman series.

This review is from 
"Major Mitchell continues to pull me in to his "Old West" world with well created characters and a suspenseful time line of western suspense. This novel has created a new hero who deserves to live on into other stories and adventures. Cannot wait to see where Major takes this character and continues to keep this storyline evolving. Great read."

Where the Green Grass Grows

$14.95 - Book Two of the Manhunter series (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell

A flash of lighting and a clap of thunder, followed by a baby’s cry caused Lillian to patter down the hall in her bare feet. She started toward the crib as a gust of wind caused the curtains to flap wildly. Lightning lit the sky as she turned to close the open pane. On the opposite side of the window stood a large, black man in a buckskin shirt and beaded necklace, staring back at her. He was holding her daughter in his arms. The thunder drowned her scream. Rain pelted her face and soaked through her thin nightgown as she leaned through the window. The only sign he had been there were two footprints in the mud that were quickly filling with water.

Matthew Blue wanted to stay home, raise horses and be a good husband and father. When a runaway slave living with the Comanche is accused of kidnapping the Hancock baby, he is once again called on to become Manhunter.

Where The Green Grass Grows, aside from being historically accurate and highly informative, is a no-holds-barred action Western of the highest caliber. Major Mitchell masterfully creates colorful characters which include females in substantial leading roles…not your typical Western. This is a Western, a Mystery, and a Suspense novel all rolled into one.” -D.B. Jackson, author of THEY RODE GOOD HORSES

Where The Green Grass Grows is not your stereotypical Western. Rather, it is a refreshing novel set in the young West that captures the flavor of an era with its diverse characters and settings. Mitchell writes in layers, creatively peeling them back to reveal an unpredictable story of camouflaged murders, elaborate lies and emotional intrigues that culminates with a terrible and fitting revenge.” -Claudia Newcorn, award-winning author of FIRESTAR

Dusty Boots

$13.95 - Book One of the Dusty Boots series

By Major Mitchell and Jerry Mitchell

Bill Mayfield had talked his younger brother, Rob, into selling the family farm after their mother died with a promise they would leave Texas. He said they were going to New Orleans and enjoy the good life. He failed to mention that their trip involved a detour to a place called Cool Water, where he planned to collect a large sum of money he felt he had been cheated out of…even if he had to take it at gun-point. It was a journey they might not survive.

"A tale of two brothers that is sure to please the avid western fan." -Dallas Review

"A story of two very different brothers, filled with historical accuracy. I highly recommend this exciting read." -Pat Decker Nipper, author of LOVE ON THE LEWIS AND CLARK TRAIL

Joker's Play

$13.95 - Book Two of the Dusty Boots series   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell and Jerry Mitchell

Clay circled the small clearing, stopping every few feet and listening for any tell-tale sound or movement in the brush. Nothing. The air seemed to be void of movement and hung thick, as sweat trickled from under his hat to sting his eyes. He eased past a greasewood bush near Teresa and found himself staring down the barrel of a .44.

Clay Best was sick of being a low-paid, over-worked lawman. He wanted a small spread somewhere where he could raise a few head of cattle. Instead, he found himself involved in chasing bank robbers and trying to rescue a beautiful hostage.

“Non-stop action in a Texas setting described so well you can feel the heat. Major and Jerry Mitchell bring this novel about Clay Best alive. There is so much happening you don’t want to put the book down…a real page turner.” -Phil Mills, Jr., author of WHERE A GOOD WIND BLOWS

“A very good and entertaining tale of the old west from beginning to the end.” -The Dallas Review

Refugio's Gold

$13.95 - Book Three of the Dusty Boots series

By Major Mitchell and Jerry Mitchell

Clay Best had agreed to take Teresa into Mexico and get the gold Refugio had hidden. He talked Julio Garcia into going, but it was quickly turning into a journey where Julio’s gun might not be enough.

Cool Water Justice: Clay Best Book 4


By Major Mitchell and Jerry Mitchell

 “The story of Clay Best continues with a brilliant cast of characters. A life and death struggle to keep the family and friends safe amid a drought-baked Texas plain and bloodthirsty outlaws. An excellent read!”

-Elena Carpenter, author of Trinity

Canyon Wind

$15.95   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell  

 She was nearing the fork in the road when she heard a quick buzz and the sickening sound of a bullet striking flesh. It was immediately followed by the roar of a rifle as her horse collapsed under her. Katherine found herself being propelled through th e air and everything went blank as she crashed into the hard-pack ground.

Katherine Parker had been losing cattle and she wanted it stopped, but the fight had become personal the day she hired Phillip Denning. Now, Pox wanted more than her cattle. He wanted Katherine and her sons dead.

“An exciting adventure set in 1880’s South Dakota. Cowboys, Indians and bad guys!” -The Dallas Review

 “Strict western values embrace the Code of the West in this enthralling tale of justice gone awry. Mitchell brings to life main characters we care deeply about. A must read!” -Melody Groves, author of KANSAS BLEEDS, BOOK FOUR OF THE COLTON FAMILY SAGA SERIES

 “I enjoyed an exhilarating ride through the pages of Major Mitchell’s Canyon Wind. This new western is faithful to the moral realities of the frontier.” -Chris Enns, author/historian

Poverty Flat

$13.95   (also available as an Ebook)

By Major Mitchell  

 Chris came to California to forget about the war. What he found was a pregnant woman and her nine year-old son abandoned on a place called Poverty Flat. When he offered to find her missing husband, people started shooting at him. Mary Ellen Shafer was more trouble than he had bargained for, but he couldn't just ride off and leave her. Worst of all, she was a Yankee, and he hadn't forgotten what they had done to his beloved South.

"Written with a flowing pace and steady eye to the hero's voice and point of view. A pleasant read." - Janet Bly

"Written with Major's humorous western style... Poverty Flat reveals how one man's compassion for a woman will influence him to say things, endure hardships, and act in ways foreign to him. I especially enjoyed the ending!" -Vanessa Jackson

A Reason To Believe


By Major Mitchell

A modern-day western romance.

Margie loved horses and rodeo more than life itself. She knew, given the chance, she could out-ride most men. But when a nasty fall inside a rain-soaked arena threatened to take that away from her, she needed a reason to believe she could not only compete in rodeo again, but win the heart of the man she had fallen in love with.

 "An enjoyable read that will hold your interest. I loved it!" -Dallas Review

 "A compelling tale! I constantly wanted to know what was going to happen throughout the entire story...Major Mitchell certainly kept my interest."-Melody Groves

 "We strongly support the efforts of the young lady in this story, and applaud Mr. Mitchell's telling of her story." -Oakdale Saddle Club

Desperado Moon

$13.95   (also available as an Ebook)

By S. M. Keller  

 In this modern day western, a young girl finds healing for her emotional wounds as she works with an equally wounded horse. A great novel for young adults.

California Ranger - Soft Cover Edition

$15.95 - Soft Cover Edition

By Gary Crawford 

Seth Gentry is a California Ranger who is sent by the Governor to maintain law and order in the gold mining area near Nevada City. He finds bad guys, good guys, and even a beautiful Chinese Madame. But can he find the miners who have come up missing?

California Ranger -Hard Cover Edition

$23.95 - Hard Cover Edition

By Gary Crawford

Seth Gentry is a California Ranger who is sent by the Governor to maintain law and order in the gold mining area near Nevada City. He finds bad guys, good guys, and even a beautiful Chinese Madame. But can he find the miners who have come up missing?

Trepidation Trail - Soft Cover Edition

$17.95 - Soft Cover Edition   (also available as an Ebook)

By Gary Crawford

I be need’n that horse. You step down easy like.”
“I told you he’s not for sale,” Clay said tersely.
“I ain’t buying, I’m taking,” the man said.
“What’s your name mister?” Clay asked.
“What you need to know that fer?”
“Well, if you are to be a horse thief you can be shot or hung. It’s only fit’n that I know your name to notify your next of kin,” Clay said.

When Clay Anderson signed on as a scout for Asa Clark’s wagon train, it was partly because Asa was his father’s friend, and partly to be near Asa’s beautiful daughter, Lucetta. Now, he was fast learning why the Oregon Trail was also known as the trepidation trail.

“Rustlers, horse thieves, war parties, and just plain no-good scoundrels, Trepidation Trail is a western designed to entertain the avid western fan.”– Major Mitchell, author of MOKELUMNE GOLD

Trepidation Trail - Hard Cover Edition

$25.95 - Hard Cover Edition

By Gary Crawford



The Gun Trail


By Tom Alberti

 Ethan Marconi had grown soft sitting behind a desk. When a shipment of revolutionary repeating rifles and pistols are stolen from The Marconi Arms Company of Denver, he is ordered by his father to track and recover the arms. In doing so, he finds himself thrust into the middle of the Civil War.

“The Gun Trail is loaded with Western action, a touch of romance, lots of cowboy and Indian characters, and a fictitious gun company that helped settle the West.” -D.B. Jackson, author of THEY RODE GOOD HORSES.

The Gun Trail is a fast-paced romp through the west that will hold your attention. A tip of the Stetson to Tom Alberti.  - Major Mitchell, author of MANHUNTER

The Horseman and the Cowgirls

$9.99 (list $15.95)

by Tom Alberti

Jonathon Buchanan claims to have a Spanish land grant covering ten ranches south and east of Tucson, including the Blandini Ranch. Tom knows it is nothing but a fancy land grab, but it is up to him to prove it. While investigating the validity of the claim, Blandini and his friends face harassment tactics from Buchanan. Their problems grow when gunman James William Hooton Jr. appears, and begins shadowing Blandini wherever he goes. As the court date draws closer, people start turning up dead.

Non-stop action from the first page to the end. An enjoyable read. -Major Mitchell author of REFUGIO'S GOLD

A book western fans will love. -Dallas Review

Sons of the Dawn

$9.99 (list $15.95)   (also available as an Ebook)

By Hank Nuwer

Anton and Nicky Ibarra flee the Basque country of Spain to serve as apprentices on an Idaho sheep ranch. They quickly run up against a cunning, ruthless cattle baron named Faro Sinclair, who thinks nothing of slaughtering herders and stock on the range land.

"Sons of the Dawn is a page-turner, and author Hank Nuwer is to be thanked for enlightening our sense of the West with this memorable novel." - Gerald Haslam, author of OKIES AND HAWK FLIGHTS, VISIONS OF THE WEST

"Expertly researched with the stunning detail that marks the vast body of nonfiction for which Nuwer is known, this is a richly rewarding, old-fashioned historical novel, one that with artistry and skill is made topical." - Gary Eller, author of THIN ICE AND OTHER RISKS

"The Basques' lives weren't easy in either the Old World or the new, but Nuwer's compelling novel leavens those hard facts with flashes of humor from his well-drawn characters. Anton and Nicky, along with a herder named Tubal, who very nearly steals the show, are wonderful company on this fast-paced ride." -Owen Florio, author of MONTANA

One Last Ride

$9.99 (list $14.95)

By Steve Haak


        As the three horses raced from the bank, a mother and her young daughter froze in the middle of the street, watching the horses and riders running straight at them.

        Allen leaned out of his saddle, grabbed the young girl by her waist and drew her up beside him. His horse continued barreling down the street, raising a small dust storm in its wake.

        The girl’s mother was left screaming in the middle of the street as dust slowly covered her hair and clothes.

        “Don’t shoot!” someone yelled, “He grabbed Margie Ann!”

        U.S Marshal Josh Stone was being forced into either sitting at a desk job in the Denver headquarters office, or retiring. Riding the open desert and ridding the land of murderers, cutthroats and thieves, was all he knew. He was trying to decide which option was worse when a telegram from Claval arrived, saying Jack Allen had robbed the bank at Covered Wells and kidnapped a thirteen-year-old girl. The girl was found dead. The telegram ordered Stone to track Allen down and bring him to justice. A welcome chance for One Last Ride.

        “One Last Ride is a fast-paced, page-turning yarn about the men who were instrumental in bringing law and order to the American west. A must read for the western fan.” -Major Mitchell, author of MANHUNTER

Where a Good Wind Blows

Now $9.99! (list $15.95)   (also available as an Ebook)

By Phil Mills, Jr.

John Meadows has been forced off his Wyoming ranch, shot and left for dead by gunmen working for Harold Winston. Jake Summers of the Box T discovers John just barely alive, and sets in motion an undercover plan to win back the Meadows Ranch. Things become complicated by the sudden return of Sarah Meadows, the old man’s daughter, who has her own plans of discovering the truth and securing justice.

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