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the witch on Oak Street


A series of stories about a young girl in various life adventures with a Christian perspective, by Major Mitchell


Nine year-old Debbie Folino believes she can do most anything. But when she takes a dare to trick-or-treat the witch living in the spooky house at the end of Oak Street, she discovers eighty year-old Sara Baker, who changes her life forever and introduces Debbie to someone even more important, Jesus Christ.

  Five Stars from The Midwest Book Review:  "Written by Major Mitchell, THE WITCH ON OAK STREET is a wonderful series of original, imaginative, and entertaining tales in which a nine year old heroine named Debbie Folino learns amazing life lessons about true friendship, Christian faith, and ultimate belief.  Along with her friends she experiences the challenges, hard knocks, laughs, and joys of growing up with an unexpected ally - The witch on Oak street turns out to be a very wise lady who believes in Jesus and other good things.  Delightfully illustrated with humourous black and white drawings by Karen Borelli, THE WITCH ON OAK STREET is certain to find a solid readership among the 9-11 year old crowd.  The stories are effectively conveyed morality tales.  Each one deals with a certain problem or challenge faced by children, and ranges from selfishness and telling untruths, to phony popularity and even mortality.  THE WITCH ON OAK STREET is a great way to present natural growth to young readers, as well as a model for asking the important questions relevant to childhood." 


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