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Charlie Shepherd


By Major Mitchell

Charlie wants to be a member of the pack more than anything. But he will have to dig a hole under the fence to join the other dogs, which is something Bob, his human, doesn't want him to do. And being a member also means he would have to turn his back on his best friend, Samantha, because being friends with a cat is something the pack doesn't think a dog should do.

Deborah Cone:  "As a former pre-school teacher, I recommend this book for children pre-school through kindergarten and first grade.  It is an ideal book for curriculum units based on friendship, differences, conflicts, and values.  Mr. Mitchell's heartwarming characters, Charlie Shepherd, Paco the Chihuahua, and Samantha the Siamese cat, guide us through these lessons to discover what true friendship is really about."

Edi Locke:  "Charlie Shepherd is a tale that is entertaining and enjoyable for young children.  They will connect with the main character, Charlie, as the author creates vivid images of other dogs and cats who are feuding.  The clever, hand-drawn illustrations illuminate the story.  With active descriptive words, the author skillfully demonstrates the importance of bravery, friendship and love."