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NOTICE: Shalako Press is NOT taking new submissions at this time.

Submission Guidelines

Shalako Press is currently accepting a limited number of manuscripts from new authors for publication.  Please read  the following guidelines:

What we will publish:  Shalako Press is interested in publishing most genres, including western, religious, romance, thriller, mystery, biographies, and children’s literature as long as it is well written.

What we will not publish:  Shalako Press is only interested in material that is suitable for the entire family to read.  Some violence and mild profanity is acceptable, as long as it enhances the story line.  Excessive violence and profanity, graphic sex and pornographic material is not acceptable and will not be published by us.  We will not publish racially degrading or anti-Christian material.  Political material will be considered, but only if it is not anti-American, or slanderous toward people with opposing views.

Shalako Press does not offer editing services at this time, but we may refer you to a trusted editor who will help you publish an enjoyable book.

Book Sizes:

 We offer books in various sizes: 5.5 X 8.5,  8.5 X 8.5,  7 X 10,  8 X 10,  8.5 X 11 in both paperback and hardcover, with black and white or full-color interiors.


Physical Book  $995.00; E-Book  $225.00

Publishing Steps

  1. The author first reads our submission requirements, then sends us a query email to tell us about his/her book. With this email, we would prefer to receive the entire manuscript as an attachment to the query to review. This review may take a few weeks, but we will contact the author to either accept or reject the manuscript for publication. We do not publish every manuscript submitted, since  a book that is not ready to publish, or a book that is too graphic or in bad taste, would not meet our standards.
  2. Once we choose to publish a manuscript, we will send a contract to the author via United States Postal Service. The envelope will contain two copies of a standard publishing agreement, covering a two-year period, in which Shalako Press will publish and distribute the book through Ingram and Baker& Taylor to every bookstore and internet retail outlet via their catalogs. The contract will continue at the end of that two-year period, if neither the author nor publisher cancel.
  3. The envelope will also carry a second contract for the publication of the manuscript as an e-book. The author may choose to have us publish their work as either an e-book or a printed copy or, as many do, both. This contract will be for the same term as the hard copy.
  4. Once the author agrees with the contract terms, they will sign both copies of the contract and return it, along with a check to cover publication fees, in the return postage-paid envelope. Payment may also be made through PayPal upon request. The publication fee is a one-time fee and will not be charged again after two years. The only fee that will appear after two years will be a listing fee charged by Ingram (currently $12 per year) to keep the title in their Advanced Catalogue, from which most bookstores order. The author will be asked which size and format they would like to see their book published in. They will have the option of several sizes, black and white or full-color interior, and softcover or hardcover format. The publication fee covers sizes and formats. There will be an extra fee to have the book in both hardcover and softcover, but the fee for the second book would be set at a lower price.
  5. We will advise the author ahead of time if we think their book needs editing. Since we personally do not edit manuscripts, the author is free to hire an editor of their choice. If they do not know a good editor, we will give them the names of several editors they can work with. Shalako Press has no ties or contracts with these editors, and does not receive any monies from them. The only reason for listing their names is that we have worked with them before and found their work to be satisfactory.
  6. Once the manuscript has been edited, the contract signed and publication fee paid, the actual publishing process will begin.
    1. The cover design will be created by a graphic artist.
    2. The interior will be formatted and reviewed. The author should, if possible, provide any pre-publication reviews of their book. Shalako Press will try to obtain some reviews, but cannot guarantee results, since authors and reviewers may be busy or not care to review the work.
    3. An ISBN will be assigned to the book.
    4. The retail price will be set at market value.
    5. The author will be sent an e-proof as an email attachment to look at. They may request up to 40 changes at that time at no cost. More than 40 changes will be made at $50.00 per block of 40.
    6. The author will receive a printed proof to study and approve. More changes may be made at that time.
    7. Once the printed proof is approved, the book will be released for printing.
    8. The author may order as many copies delivered to their door, on a first-time basis, at 50% off cover price. Subsequent orders by the author will be set at 40% off cover price.
    9. The book will be placed for sale at Shalako Press’ website bookstore.
    10. The book will also be placed for sale at and
    11. Royalties of $25 or greater will be paid quarterly per contract.
    12. The book may be taken to craft fairs and promotional shows which we deem appropriate for the title.
    13. The author may feel free to contact Shalako Press for questions through our email: