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Where the Green Grass Grows

$14.95 - Book Two of the Manhunter series

By Major Mitchell

A flash of lighting and a clap of thunder, followed by a baby’s cry caused Lillian to patter down the hall in her bare feet. She started toward the crib as a gust of wind caused the curtains to flap wildly. Lightning lit the sky as she turned to close the open pane. On the opposite side of the window stood a large, black man in a buckskin shirt and beaded necklace, staring back at her. He was holding her daughter in his arms. The thunder drowned her scream. Rain pelted her face and soaked through her thin nightgown as she leaned through the window. The only sign he had been there were two footprints in the mud that were quickly filling with water.

Matthew Blue wanted to stay home, raise horses and be a good husband and father. When a runaway slave living with the Comanche is accused of kidnapping the Hancock baby, he is once again called on to become Manhunter.

Where The Green Grass Grows, aside from being historically accurate and highly informative, is a no-holds-barred action Western of the highest caliber. Major Mitchell masterfully creates colorful characters which include females in substantial leading roles…not your typical Western. This is a Western, a Mystery, and a Suspense novel all rolled into one.” --D.B. Jackson, author of They Rode Good Horses

Where The Green Grass Grows is not your stereotypical Western. Rather, it is a refreshing novel set in the young West that captures the flavor of an era with its diverse characters and settings. Mitchell writes in layers, creatively peeling them back to reveal an unpredictable story of camouflaged murders, elaborate lies and emotional intrigues that culminates with a terrible and fitting revenge.” --Claudia Newcorn, award-winning author of Firestar.