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Oakdale, California


By Wiley Joiner

What was Oakdale, CA really like in its beginning? You might be surprised at what you discover about the Cowboy Capital of the World, and the people, past and present, who live there.

“A wonderful look back in time at Oakdale’s roots and some of the special people who have lived here. I read cover to cover in one sitting, and learned so much about this special little city I call home. 

Michelle Kendig – Oakdale Leader

Oakdale – The name itself invokes lively images of beauty. Its motto, Cowboy Capital of the World, explains its community action and excitement. The story of its founding reflects sacrifice and the pertinacious spirit of free enterprise. The photos are reflective of the old and the new, revealing much about the progress of the town. This book is a collection of historical facts and interesting reading. 

Robert E. Jernigan – Historian, collector

“Wiley Joiner has written a great little book filled with facts and humor that taught me a lot about our town. Three tips of the Stetson. I love this book!”

Major Mitchell – author of The Doña and Mokelumne Gold